Report of SAFOG project supported By WHO SEARO

Training of FOGSI members in Mizoram to do, Augmented VIA, Thermal Ablation & LEEP(Enhancing skills of gynaecologists in Mizoram to eliminate Cervical Cancer: Together we can !!!)


Cervical cancer is a disease of underserved areas and SEAR region contributes for 32% of the case load and 34% of the deaths.India contributes to one-fifth of the global disease burden. The World Health Organization (WHO), as part of the Global Strategy for Elimination of Cervical Cancer, has set a triple goal: 90% of girls to be vaccinated by age 15 years, 70% of women to receive cervical screening with an effective test at age 35 and 45 years, and 90% of those with identified lesion to be treated.The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India published an operational framework for the screening of common cancers (breast, oral and cervical cancer) in 2016. This recommended cervical cancer screening using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA), being the most affordable strategy. It has also promoted the use of the Single Visit Approach (SVA) to treat eligible screen-positive cases whenever possible in order to reduceloss to follow-up. NPCDCS is a diverse program cervical cancer is only a small part of it. So special efforts to complement it is very very necessary to reach the goals of cervical cancer elimination.

Among the North East districts the incidence rates of Aizawl district were observed to be 7 times more and 4 times more than that of Osmanabad and Beed districts, respectively according to Population Based Cancer Registries (PBCRs).Aizawl is one of the districts and capital of Mizoram in India. The estimated population of Aizawl District in 2021 was 438,469 (estimates as per aadhar Dec 2020 data) out of which females are 200000 and women between 30 -60 years 1,77,530.


To develop a prototype for skill development practices of screening for cervical cancer with Augmented VIA and treatment of precancers by Thermal Ablation and LEEP by the FOGSI member in Mizoram state to eliminate cervical cancer from Mizoram.

50 gynaecologists of Mizoram State have been listed Virtual Awareness programme For Public and Paramedics done on 28th. Oct and 1st. Nov

Virtual teaching modules for gynaecologists with pre and post assessment tests were conducted on 10th and 11th. November2022 for two hours each.

Physical CME on diagnosis and treatment of cervical precancers at Aizwal on 1.12.22. With press briefing and lot of interaction. NCD Mission director Dr. Eric attended along with many senior gynaecologists and nodal officer NCD.

Procurement of Smartscope, Thermal Ablation And LEEP Device done and handed over to focal point Dr. Mamawii at Zoram Medical College

Physical hands on training on augmented VIA, Thermal Ablation, LEEP done on 2nd. December2022 Venue Mizoram Medical College Faculty: , Dr. Bhagyalaxmi nayak, Dr. Mamawii, Dr. Seema Singhal

32 doctors from in and around Aizwal had hands on workshop on VIA , smart scope and thermal ablation. 30 women had turned up for the screening workshop

Hand holding and support to trained faculty is ongoing