Non-communicable disease (NCD) committee report

Chair:   Prof Padam Raj Pant , Nepal
Co-Chair:   Dr. Sadhana Gupta , India
Planned activities:

To conduct at least three webinars in this year. With nomination of Dr. Sadhana Gupta as co-chair we planned to conduct CME every second Friday of the month if possible.

Conducted CME
Date Topic
May 13th 2022 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Asia Part I
June 10th 2022 Obstetric Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus/Hyperglycemia Part II
July 8th 2022 Thyroid dysfunction in women of South Asia

In first CME on 13th May the program was as follow:

There was presence of:

President- DR ROHANA Haththotuwa
President Elect-Dr. Shyam Desai
Secretory- DR Yusaf Latif Khan

Welcome progam

Sesson 1
Diagnostic criteria, protocols and incidence of GDM in South Asian Country perspective:
  1. Sri Lanka Dr. Indu Asanka Jayawardhane
  2. India- Dr. Pikee Saxena/ Dr Amita Pandey
  3. Nepal – Dr. Padam Raj Pant/ Dr Sandesh Paudel
  4. Expert-Dr. Hema Diwakar, Prof. Ferdousi Begum
Maternal nutrition therapy in GDM- Complexity of Simplicity
Speaker: Dr Rubina Sohail
Chair: Dr. Hira Tuladhar, Dr Uday Thanawala
Session 3:
Ora hypoglycemic agents in GDM
Speaker: Dr. Sadhana Gupta
Chair: DR. Ashma rana, Dr. Phurb Dorji/ Dr. Seshih
Session 4:
Insulin in GDM- Simplicity the complexity
08th July, 2022
Theme: Thyroid Dysfunction in women of South Asia

President – Dr. Rohana Haththotuwa
Secretary General - Dr. Yousaf Latif Khan
Chair Dr. Padam Raj Pant (Nepal
Co-Chair – Dr. Sadhana Gupta (India

Presidential Welcome -Dr. Rohana Haththotuwa,
Address by Secretory General – Dr. Yousaf Latif Khan
Chief guest Dr. S Arulkumaran Guest of honor – Dr. Alpesh Gandhi
Coordinator & MOC – Dr. Amrita S Jaipuriar (India)/ Dr Mousumi Das Ghosh
Session 1
Chair- Dr. Narendra Malhotra (India), Dr. Sameena Chowdhury (Bangladesh),
Dr. Shafiqa Babak (Afghanistan), Dr. Girija Wagh (India)
Country Perspective –
  1. Dr. Padam Raj Pant (Nepal)/ Dr. Asmita Ghimire
  2. Dr. Shemoon Marleen (Sri Lanka)
  3. Dr. Richa Sharma (India)
  4. Dr. Syeba Akhter (Bangladesh)

Session 2 - Special perspective
Chair- Dr. Sampat Kumari (India), Dr. Kohinoor Begum (Bangladesh), Dr. Priti Kumar (India), Dr. Asifa Noreen (Pakistan)
  1. Thyroid Disorder in pregnancy – Dr. Sadhana Gupta (India)
  2. b) Thyroid dysfunction in elderly women – Dr. Kusum Thapa (Nepal)
  3. Screening for Congenital hypothyroid in SAFOG region – Dr. Pyali Bhattacharya (India)

Q&A, Discussion amidst SAFOG leaders, and vote of thanks The seminars were well attended Overall comments and suggestions were encouraging There were high-level speakers.

In Nepal, we conducted awareness programs on gestational diabetes and thyroid disorders in schools and hospitals.

Awareness program for hospital staffs

Awareness for school and college girls

Awareness for community women

We are planning to have: SAFOG COMMITTEE WORKSHOP
SAFOG NCD Committee
Session 1- Breaking the Nexus of NCD in South Asia - Obs. Gyn. prospectus
  1. PCOS Women and Metabolic Syndrome
  2. Long term consequence of Hypertensive Disorder in Pregnancy
  3. Nutrition in Pregnancy and Health of next generation
Unfortunately Dr. Padam Raj Pant could not attend the conference due to ongoing University examinations. Co-Chair Dr. Sadhana Gupta attended conference. We will continue CME once in two months.
Wish for the success of the congress.
Special thanks to President SAFOG Prof. Rohana Haththotuwa,
Secretory General Dr. Yousef Latif Khan
Special guest Sir Dr. S Arulkumaran
Co-chair Dr. Sadhana Gupta
November 15th 2022; CME on polycystic ovarian syndrome:

On coming Friday 20th January 2023 we have webinar od Heart disease in pregnancy.