Prof. Ferdousi Begum

Prof. Ferdousi Begum

President Elect, SAFOG

Dear fellow colleagues, 

It is my privilege and pleasure to invite you cordially to the 12th SAFOG Conference, about to be held on 4th-6th April, 2019 in Bangabandhu International Convention Centre (BICC), Dhaka,  Bangladesh. This is the third time Bangladesh is hosting this scientifically rich prestigious conference. We are confident that like the SAFOG conferences at Dhaka and other SAFOG conferences, it will give us food for thoughts and simple, updated guidelines for the clinicians at different levels, from primary to tertiary level hospitals; and more importantly in preventive services and self care. Please join us to participate and share our scientific knowledge, innovations and achievements to agree and to differ for the interests of better health and interest of our women,  couples, adolescents, girl child and newborns of the region.  In addition to these, we assure you to sooth your eyes, ears, tongue, heart and mind with the sight, sound and taste of this evergreen fertile country with culturally rich simple and hospitable people. I would like to welcome you once again to this conference. Please come in big groups, if possible with family and friends. 

I would like to quote our national poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam...

'Ganga, Shindhu, Narmada, Kaberi and Yamuna..

All the rivers are flowing, as they were flowing for time immemorial.... '

So, let us come together to feel and share our uniqueness to serve humanity and show our capacity. We are health professionals. Our collective effort can convert "ill- women's care" to "well women's care".

Thanks and best wishes!

Prof. Rubina Sohail

Prof. Rubina Sohail

President, SAFOG

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 12th SAFOG conference, being held in Dhaka from 4th to 6th April, 2019. It is a momentous occasion as the baton of SAFOG goes to Bangladesh, to take the agenda of women health forward. It is heartening to see all the key players of our specialty coming together at the conference making it more vibrant and exciting, providing an ideal opportunity to share ideas and meet the experts from around the world. The conference provides a unique opportunity to bring the Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of the South Asian region together and share experiences The theme of the conference is kept keeping in mind the current needs and trends – “Professionalism Matters”. The conference has been specially kept in April, providing a unique opportunity to the participants to enjoy the beauty of Bangladesh. Places like Sundarbans, a mangrove forest, is home to the royal Bengal tiger, Chittagong city – the biggest port city of Bangladesh, Cox’s bazar – the longest unbroken sea beach and many other vistas are all worth visiting.

I want to thank the organizing committee for their commitment and hard work for making the 12th SAFOG conference possible.

Wishing you all a wonderful conference and stay in Dhaka.

Dr. Narendra Malhotra

Dr. Narendra Malhotra

General Secretary

Dear Delegates

It’s indeed a great pleasure to welcome all of you to the 12th April 2019 SAFOG Congress in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 4th–6th April 2019.

SAFOG is a region where problems are same and with addition of Afghanistan to SAFOG we are now covering the full region. Except for Srilanka all other countries are still struggling with maternal mortality reduction. The reasons are many and the very important reason is a political will and increase in health budgets and involving the local organization in a PPP model.

India has shown dramatic improvement in the reduction of maternal mortality in last 5 years following a PPP model, where FOGSI members are helping providing antenatal care and maternity services to the not so affording population.

PMSMA, Ayushman Bharat and Adhbut Matratuva are schemes which all countries should try to follow.

Bangladesh convention center is one of the very nice convention centers of this region and the organizing committee under the leadership of Prof Ferdousi and Prof Sameena and team have charted out a very nice scientific academic programme.

The presence of world experts from FIGO, AOFOG and all member countries have added a lot of colors to the conference.

Wishing all the delegates a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Dhaka.

Best wishes    

Prof. Sameena Chowdhury

Prof. Sameena Chowdhury

President, OGSB


It was a great opportunity to materialize my dream to reality when I was able to serve the esteemed society OGSB, as the Presidentof OGSB.OGSB is proud to claim itself as an indispensable Contributor to development of women’s health in Bangladesh. This society is a unique professional body working hand in hand with the Govt DGHS,DGFP,DGNM , UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, Save the Children (USA), CARE ,Engender health & other NGO & Developmental Partners to improve health of woman& as such reduce the prevailing maternal mortality and improving  women’s health in the country.

We are honoured to organize the12thSAFOGScientific Conference at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC),Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh organized by South Asian Federation of Obstetrics &Gynaecology (SAFOG) and Obstetrical &Gynecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB). The theme of this conference has rightly been decided as “Professionalism matters”.

I am grateful to all our members who have given their valuable time and effort to work relentlessly to uphold the dignity of SAFOG &OGSB. They have contributed to the development of Women’s health by working in different Sub committees & Task forces. This Conference would not have been possible without the tireless effort of all our members. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the delegates from home & abroad whose presence will definitely enrich the Conference & make it a big success.

Before I conclude, I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to SAFOG Committee, OGSB, Executive Committee, our partners, Governments, International & National NGO’s. As the chairman of the organizing Committee & President OGSB, it was a great privilege to work with all of you and thank you very much for all your support & kind cooperation. I wish you all the best for our future undertakings.



Organizing Committee &


Obstetrical and Gynecological

Society of Bangladesh (OGSB)

Dr. Laila Arjumand Banu

Dr. Laila Arjumand Banu

Vice president SAFOG

SAFOG is an unique professional society  comprising the obs and gynae specialists of SAARC countries.Every two years the conference is organised in one of SAARC countries. This time -in 2019 -we are going to organise the SAFOG conference in Dhaka from 4-6th April 2019.

This is a great platform of exchanging the new technology, idea  and policies of the SAARC countries -specially in the field of obs and gyn.We are  expecting  a good number of  delegates from different countries-not only from SAARC countries but from USA, UK , Australia , Middle east countries, Malayasia , South East Asia countries , Africa and Europe -that means a global participation. We have chalked out a very interesting scientific program, cultural soiree, exhibition of latest products from different companies , tours to famous places etc.e are expecting that  our delegates will be much benefited from the quality scientific program and will also enjoy the social programs.We have all the regards to our past presidents and committee members who has emenced contribution for carrying the SAFOG in a respectful platform.Though we have many constraints like visa problem, prior commitment of the participants-we expect the presence of large number of participants to encourage us-to success of the conference.

We must acknowledge the co-operation from different organisation, pharmaceutical companies for successing the conference in a fabulous way.

I wish the grand success of the conference.

Prof Laila Arjumand Banu

Vice president SAFOG

Organising  Chairperson SAFOG 2019

Professor Farhana Dewan

Professor Farhana Dewan

Vice President, OGSB

Dear Colleagues,

We are really overwhelmed with pride and honour to be able to host the12th SAFOG Conference in Dhaka. It was only a few years back when Bangladesh was the proud host of the 2nd SAFOG in 1998 & then again in 2009. Now once again we are privileged to host it for the 3rd time. We hope you will give us the opportunity to enlighten the Conference by your presence.

SAFOG holds a special place in my heart. I have been fortunate enough to attend most of the SAFOG Conferences held in different countries of the region until now. Every time, I have enriched myself both intellectually and socially. SAFOG means- meeting old friends; SAFOG means- making new friends; SAFOG means- vowing anew for the better health of women of the region.

Dear friends, SAFOG Conferences are always an opportunity to share common problems of women in this region. Science has advanced and so has the technology, going beyond boundaries in diagnosis and treatment of different gynaecological and obstetric conditions.

Dear colleagues, we promise you a very rich scientific interchange along with enjoying the green, green beauty of Bangladesh; not to mention about the warm hospitality. Your deliberations will enrich us and together we will be able to come up with new recommendations for the advanced health of the women in the region.

Thanking you

With best regards


Professor Farhana Dewan

Secretary, Organizing Committee, SAFOG-2019

Vice President-OGSB

Head,  Obs & Gynae-IbnSina Medical College

Prof. Dr. Ashma Rana

Prof. Dr. Ashma Rana

Immediate Past President, SAFOG

Dear All,

My journey in SAFOG, the emblem of SAARC countries began in the very 2nd SAFOG conference in 1998 Dhaka, Sonar Gaon Pan Pacific. Ever since, this has been a continuous journey of highly invigorating and rewarding experiences. Be it any place or any season SAFOG meetings and conferences are scenes overflowing with enthusiasm for acquiring growth in knowledge, making new friends as well as reviving friendships by extending and reciprocating warmth and love between members of each country.

Each SAARC member country has a beautiful experience of hosting SAFOG conference in rotation and in this context we are eagerly waiting for the turn of Bangladesh to play host and learn more from the meet in 12th SAFOG conference in Dhaka 2019, April 4-6 A in Bangabandhu International Conference Center. My best wishes to the organizing chairs Prof. Laila Arjumand Banu (President OGSB), Prof. Sameena Chowdhury (President Elect OGSB) and Ferdousi Begum (President Elect SAFOG) under whose leadership the conference will prove to be outstanding.


Prof. Dr. Ashma Rana
Immediate Past President, SAFOG

Prof. Alokendu Chatterjee

Prof. Alokendu Chatterjee

Past President, SAFOG

Our journey from 1996 to 2019, though just about 24 years, is short but full of activities. Since its birth, each council headed by a distinguished President, has added multiple feathers on the cap of SAFOG. We are now a dedicated group of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists from the South Asia region. Globally we are recognised as an important Professional force to look after the complete health of each woman of the region and this recognition came from RCOG, FIGO, AOFOG, WHO, UNICEF and others.

In April 2019, we all will be meeting for our 12th Biennial conference at Dhaka – where many renowned International and South Asian Professionals, will discuss various current issues related to multiple aspects of women’s health.

Please come and join us to enrich yourself.

It will be a grand show—I promise you.


Prof. Alokendu Chatterjee

Past President, SAFOG

2013- 2015